Hey, I'm Phil. I build software.

I've been a software developer for over 15 years. I've spent a lot of this time focusing on the backend of systems. At various points through a given working day, I might be doing one of the following...

  • Building or maintaining scalable infrastructure
  • Modeling domains in code or databases
  • Debating the trade offs of different approaches to the same problem
  • Writing code in Elixir or Ruby
  • Prioritising and planning the next sprint

I've worked with some of the most talented developers in Belfast at Rehab, RumbleLabs, Bitnet (now Rakuten), Yomo and Rotor Videos. I now work with the fine folks at Stora.

Hire me to work on your next Ruby, Elixir or JavaScript project.

Projects I've worked on

OnotateWhile working at Rumble Labs, we created an app for anotating and presenting mockups (much like InVision). Onotate was truely before its time and with a bit more focus on marketing could have lived up to its full potential. It was finally sold off in 2015.
RotorAnother Rumble Labs project that has flurished into a successful company, Rotor is an app that uses AI to automatically create beautifully crafted music videos for artists.
PiggyPotThis app brought pots to the savings world before Monzo offered it. At its peak we supported over 16 thousand users and transacted tens of thosands £ per week. PiggyPot, at its peak, was one of the UK’s top finance apps, making it into the top 30 on the iPhone app store.
YomoWe pivoted from PiggyPot to Yomo in 2017 in order to find a way to retain savers for a longer period of time before converting them to investors. We succeeded, tripling our retention rates, but decided in the end to shut the product as the space became crowded and it was difficult to make money.
LowdownLowdown provides Slack groups an autogenerated newsletter to engage their members. Each week, top posts are included automatically or can be handpicked by admins with the press of a button. I co-founded Lowdown with @shylands.
PeckishI co-founded Peckish with my wife, Sarah. Peckish delivers cookies to your doorstep straight from the oven. Nothing more complex than that. But, hey, why complicate something as simple as warm cookies?

Open-source libriaries I created

mailjexElixirAn API wrapper for MailJet, an email service.
modulrElixirAn API wrapper for Modulr, an e-wallet payment provider service.
onfidoElixirAn API wrapper for Onfido, a KYC/AML service.
gocardlessElixirAn API wrapper for GoCardless, a direct debit payment provider service.
businexElixirA library that allows you to perform date calculations based on business calendars.
mangoexElixirAn API wrapper for MangoPay, a e-wallet payment provider service.
green_lightRubyA client-side validation library for Rails apps.
termailRubyAn experimental CLI for gmail.
fx_ratesRubyA library that allows you to convert from one currency to another using exchange rates from a given service.