Hey, I'm Phil. I build software.

I've been a software developer for over 15 years. I've spent a lot of this time focusing on the backend of systems. At various points through a given working day, I might be doing one of the following...

  • Building or maintaining scalable infrastructure
  • Modeling domains in code or databases
  • Debating the trade offs of different approaches to the same problem
  • Writing code in Elixir or Ruby
  • Prioritising and planning the next sprint

I've worked with some of the most talented developers in Belfast at Rehab, RumbleLabs and Bitnet (now Rakuten). More recently, I took up the CTO role and co-founded Yomo, a FinTech startup which is trying to fix saving.

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March 11, 2015Line wrap issues in Mac Terminal
February 18, 2015Large Deployment & Scaling Tools

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mailjexElixirAn API wrapper for MailJet, an email service.
modulrElixirAn API wrapper for Modulr, an e-wallet payment provider service.
onfidoElixirAn API wrapper for Onfido, a KYC/AML service.
gocardlessElixirAn API wrapper for GoCardless, a direct debit payment provider service.
businexElixirA library that allows you to perform date calculations based on business calendars.
mangoexElixirAn API wrapper for MangoPay, a e-wallet payment provider service.
green_lightRubyA client-side validation library for Rails apps.
termailRubyAn experimental CLI for gmail.
fx_ratesRubyA library that allows you to convert from one currency to another using exchange rates from a given service.